How to set up a drupal social networking site

27 08 2009

Go to and download CMS Drupal, follow instructions to install, then configure your basic site settings, which is located on your welcome page: administer>settings.  You can customize your Drupal site by downloading themes or writing your own CSS theme. You can add various functionalities and interactivities to your site by installing modules found on For all of the information to get started with Drupal visit Also important to connect your database to drupal, go into the core files and hidden is htaccess document which you need to change.

Components needed to build a community driven web site using Drupal.

It’s got a blogging module available out of the box (it takes a checkbox to enable it). Members just have to click “Create content” and select “Blog post”.

To allow members of the community to create their own groups, add Organic Groups module

To keep track of all the content, add Drupal’s Views module

Wysiwyg module allows you to use client-side editors (a.k.a. WYSIWYG editors) to edit content in Drupal.

Insert View module (for embedding the views on the front page)

LDAP integration

To let members add audio and video easily, Anarchy Media Player.

How I feel about Citizen Journalism?

27 08 2009

News stations such as CNN are using facebook and twitter feeds for opinions on various issues, usually political. The opinions are from anyone with a voice, not from credible professionals and journalists, not on factual basis. Citizen journalism gives everyone a voice to an issue but I believe that it loses credibility due to the reliability of the source. In some ways it has balanced the news, i.e. The recent Iranian election, many people expressed outrage via the internet over the validity of the election, these people’s outrage are not heard on local news stations because they are controlled by the state, so citizen journalism has been a big part in balancing news from the election. The negative to citizen journalism is all the false information that clouds people’s minds, i.e. BIRTHERS – “A conspiracy theorist who believes that Barack Obama is ineligible for the Presidency of the United States, based on any number of claims related to his place of birth. “